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A Hora do Brasil 2005-2013

History and People

A Hora do Brasil is a NGO created in 2005 and based in Amsterdam from the work of ±100 artists and cultural producers interested and-or active in the field of International Cultural Cooperation in between BRA/NED. It is registered in the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) under the number:34231689

The first term of the A Hora do Brasil Foundation has ended in October 2013 and the former site and logo (generously donated by Bea Correa) with all the activities, you can find here: www.ahoradobrasil.nl/archive

A Hora do Brasil particularly thanks a number of people for their collaboration.
Without them the establishment of the foundation and its activities would not have been possible.

The founding comitte: Babette Verhoef (Singer) together with Luiz Henrique Yudo (Cultural Producer), former Minister Carlos Alberto Asfora and Keyla de Souza of the Brazilian Embassy and all artists and producers present in the meeting of Café De Ysbreker, on February 2005.

The founding members and first work group: Babette Verhoef, Harry Mertens, Rose Lourdes Pinto, Sita Meijer, Jussara Pereira de Souza, Mariangela Guimarães, Claudia Lisboa, Luana Ferreira, Neyde Lantyer, Júlia Abreu de Souza, Hércules Goulart and Marlio Silva.

The support of: Miguel Petchkovsky de Morais, Christian Fasting, Angela Cecchinatti, Eduardo Ramos, Chico Colombo, Arlete Velu, Nelson Latif, Margô Dalla, Koen Cornelissen, Bea Correa, Natalie Vermeer, the funds, sponsors, artists and the public present in every event .

And finally: Mark van Dongen, Philippe Vansweevelt, Luana Ferreira, and Rosemeire Pinto Lourdes for serving in the board from 2009-2013 and the duo Neyde Lantyer&Claudia Trajano who made a world of wonders happen in the management team, together with Julia Abreu de Souza, in the same period.

A new generation has taken over from September 2015, for more info, visit the site: www.ahoradobrasil.nl