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About A Hora do Brasil Foundation
Brazilian art events have become a frequent agenda item in Holland. However, A Hora do Brasil is the only organization focusing on projects presenting a vast array of Brazilian cultural activities in the Netherlands. A Hora do Brasil aims at the establishment of a Brazilian artistic and cultural foundation that goes beyond the most popularised aspects of Brazil and the traditional cliché's about the country. The purpose of the Foundation is to offer a broad vision of Brazil by showing original features of the Brazilian art and culture, as well as to encourage debates on Brazilian contemporary society. The A Hora do Brasil Foundation emerges in the Dutch socio-cultural panorama at a particularly sensitive moment, when the hardening of immigration policies has been generating dissatisfaction and friction among diverse social segments in the country.
As a matter of fact, one of the most appealing traits of Brazilian culture is its welcoming and integrating quality. The existence of an organization fostering socio-cultural relations through cultural activities within an innovative framework is extremely encouraging. Moreover, when this organization has Brazil as a departing point. A Hora do Brasil Foundation was listed at The Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam in August 2005.

To create a wide space for cultural dialogue, which stimulates artistic and cultural manifestations of Brazil in the Netherlands, and offers a forum for exchange of ideas about the essence and the diversity of Brazilian culture.


To present quality events related to Brazilian culture and promote reflection of contemporary cultural relations in the Brazilian and the Dutch context;To contribute to the strengthening of the Dutch multicultural society, in the Netherlands; To facilitate the integration process of the various coexisting immigrant communities,
and more particularly, the social integration of Brazilians who live in the Netherlands