Events 2011

Brazilian Summer Sessions 2011
Davi Moraes & Band (concert)
Davi Moraes (guitar and vocal), Pedro Baby (guitar and vocal), Marcelo Linhares (bass) and Renato Braza (drums).
June 25, 2011 Bimhuis, Amsterdam
Considered a virtuoso of the guitar, Davi Moraes performed with major artists before venturing a successful solo career with a unique mix of reggae, rock and pop. One of the most praised stars of contemporary Brazilian pop music, his work resembles the work of his father who played in the post-"tropicalist" band "Novos Baianos", that created a revolution in the Brazilian music of the 1970's.

Brazilian Summer Sessions 2011
RODA DE SAMBA (jam session with Brazilian beats)
By Nelson Latif and guests
July 02, 2011 Bimhuis, Amsterdam
Musicians from both nationalities will interpret traditional and modern themes and styles. Singers and musicians from existing groups – or meeting for the first time – will bring to the Dutch audience the flavor and mood of this so important Brazilian way of experience popular music.

TROPA DE ELITE 2 (Elite Squad 2)
Film, Brazil, 2010. Directed by José Padilha
World Cinema Amsterdam Open Air 2011
August 20, 2011 Maria Heineken plein, Amsterdam
The suspensefull crime film Elite Squad (Tropa de Elite) won the 2008 Golden Bear and was an international box office hit in 2008. Its sequel, Elite Squad 2 (Tropa de Elite 2) is even a more compelling film, uncovering a web of corruption that spreads from the police department to the highest levels of government. Stemming from intense research, director José Padilha and scriptwriter Bráulio Mantovani put together a current, modern-day story, based on real events that blend in with the fictional story of Lieutenant Colonel Nascimento, his family and his friends to talk about the reality of Brazil through cinema. Padilha's crime thriller has the sense of political anger and urgency that has made it the most successful film in Brazilian film history!

Riscado (Craft)
Film, Brazil, 2010. Directed by Gustavo Pizzi
World Cinema Amsterdam Open Air 2011
August 19, 2011, 2011 RIALTO THEATER, Amsterdam
What's the importance of luck in life? How much effort and talent is enough to guarantee a solid acting career? Is luck part of the craft?Bianca is an excellent actress, but theater doesn't pay the bills yet. In order to make a living, she impersonates movie divas and promotes events. Bianca auditions for a big international production and gets the part. The director of the film, inspired by her work, changes the character he wrote into a version of Bianca. Is this the chance of a lifetime? For some people acting is more than a craft.
Film, NL, 2011. Directed by Natalia Machiaveli
World Cinema Amsterdam Open Air 2011
August 19, 2011, 2011 RIALTO THEATER, Amsterdam
Northwards was the direction to their new lives.
The journey of Natália in The Netherlands is the story told by her and other 6 Brazilian women, who share a common dilemma of finding home in another culture.
Dreams, reality, identity. The film evolves around the subject of immigration and meets the colorful gift these travelers bring to the upper tropic.