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Neyde Lantyer

It’s still Spring but it feels like Summer and we are back to our activities! We started 2008 with a brand new website and, once more, we are presenting a special agenda with new and attractive events. We are glad to be a vehicle that brings the contemporary Brazilian culture and its diversity to Holland .

A Hora do Brazil will be 4 years old on coming July. In order to materialize our ideas about the Foundation, we counted on the efforts of several people; they are mentioned on the page Who Are We in the new website. Today, the organization has won respect thanks to the volunteer work of its members and to the inspiring appeal of its mission.


In 2007, the enthusiastic response of the public with the four successful events we organized was very encouraging. The first one in April, was an homage to the brilliant translator of Brazilian and Portuguese literature in Holland, August Willemsen, who passed away a few months later, in November. We are glad to have paid homage to him while he was alive. Brazilian literature in Holland owes a lots to Willemsen.

The following events, The Brazilian Summer Sessions, with special musicians coming from Brazil, took place at the renowned Bimhuis in Amsterdam, promoting two exciting concerts - which ended up in big parties - and draw the attention of some of the most important newspapers of the country.

The last event, at the end of the year, focused on Dutch governor Maurits van Nassau, in Pernambuco, Brazil’s Northeast, with the participation of a number of scholars and artists who lectured and performed on this practically unknown chapter of the Dutch History in Brazil.

New intercultural podium

The purpose of A Hora do Brasil, to broad the knowledge about the country and to connect the different cultures, is indeed fresh and inspiring. Our target is to create channels of interaction between the Dutch cultural scene and new artistic and cultural topics coming from outside the European geographic limits.

Here, is important to mention the special moment Brazil is going through. The achievements of the current economic and social policies reinforce the general interest in Brazilian culture.

Finally, our work also intends to address the estrangement of the artistic expression of immigrants and their difficulties in accessing institutional art spaces, funding and credibility. We believe that the establishment of podiums for strengthening multiculturalism is the most interesting thing to do in the present world panorama. We feel free to assert that A Hora do Brasil Foundation is among the new intercultural podiums in Holland.