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Neyde Lantyer, Artistic Director
Art Photographer born in Bahia, Neyde studied Visual Arts
at the Escola de Belas Artes da Universidade Federal - UFBa. She has also studied Journalism and Social Work.
As a Human Resources professional she worked for a number of enterprises and institutions as well as in social development programs for the Brazilian Public Health Care. She has exhibited her artwork in Brazil and other countries.
In Holland, she takes active role in art projects and art organizations. Currently, besides her own projects around photography, film and other media, Neyde works as free-lance photo-restaurateur, teaches contemporary photography in Holland and Brazil and, frequently, acts as curator and art director in several projects in both countries. contact
Claudia Trajano, Executive Director
Choreographer and Dancer, born in Belo Horizonte, Claudia studied dance at the Dance Academy of Brasília, and graduated in Portuguese Language and Literature at the University of Brasília. She worked for 15 years together with choreographer and video-artist Sergio Ulhôa developing their own dance work, which was presented in Brazil and all over Europe. Claudia has also been performing under the direction of Peter Greenaway, Dario Fo, Peter Steijn, Hans Hof Ensemble, among others. She directed several dance workshops and participated in social projects of the Brazilian Government teaching dance to homeless children.
She is a Portuguese language teacher and an executive training-coach for E.P.T.
Júlia Abreu de Souza, Literature
Born in Rio de Janeiro, Júlia graduated at the Fundação Getúlio Vargas, did her master in Political Science at the Institute of Social Studies, in The Hague, and at the Vrij Universiteit, in Amsterdam. She worked as Portuguese coordinator and trainer in Language and Culture Programmes the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam and as a freelance education consultant for Novib projects in Brazil. Presently, Julia translates, teaches, and writes. Some of her articles, focusing on the Brazilian culture and issues such as language and emigration, appeared in the newspapers NRC and Trouw. Her Brazilian Portuguese teaching book Basis Cursus Portugees van Brazilie : É isso aí! (Published by Coutinho, Muidenberg) is a practical method for classroom and self-study use.


Mark van Dongen, Producer

Philippe Vansweevelt, Producer
De Meekers

Luana Ferreira, Marketing
A Hora do Brasil


Arlete Velu, Executive Producer

Nelson Latif, Advisor

Margô Dalla, Advisor

Koen Cornelissen, Technical Support

Bea Correa, Web Design

A Hora do Brasil particularly thanks a number of people for their collaboration.
Without them the establishment of the foundation would not have been possible:
Babette Verhoef, founder of A Hora do Brasil, ex-members Harry Mertens, Rose Lourdes Pinto, Mariangela Guimaraes, Sita Meijer, Jussara Pereira de Souza, Claudia Lisboa and Marlio Silva, Miguel Petchkovsky de Morais, Christian Fasting, Luiz Henrique Yudo, Angela Cecchinatti, Eduardo Ramos, Chico Colombo, Keyla de Souza and Minister Carlos Alberto Asfora of the Brazilian Embassy, in The Hague.